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My Breast Cancer Scare: Truths or Myths?

Every time I’ve changed Gynecologists, I filled out the dreaded medical history forms knowing the reaction my new doctor will have once she/he sees that both my grandmothers had breast cancer.”Do you examine your breasts often?” “You need to be very careful”, “Here put your arms up and let me ...

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Foods That Prevent Breast Cancer

In the recent past, there has a great rise in the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer world wide. According to the world health organization, the number of breast cancer cases reported so far surpasses those of related diseases such as cervical cancer. However, cancer of the breast can ...

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Think You Are Too Young to Develop Breast Cancer?

Unfortunately, I am seeing younger and younger women being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The youngest woman that consulted with me was 19 years of age! What would cause this onslaught of increased Breast Cancer risk for women of such a young age? About 7% of newly diagnosed Breast Cancer cases ...

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