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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

For millions of men, the same question arises every single day. What causes erectile dysfunction? How can it be overcome? There are a number of ways this can be answered and modern science and medicine is finding a new explanation every single day. However, this is missing the point completely ...

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What Does Erectile Dysfunction Do to a Relationship?

Relationships between men and women are very beautiful things. They are the emotional connection that keeps people productive and energized to do work. At the same time, they are the reason why humans continue to exist on the planet earth. Without relationships that are strong and based on physical contact, ...

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Treating Erectile Dysfunction Without Drugs

Fewer conditions evoke an emotional response like erectile dysfunction (or ED). It is reported that ED affects between 15 to 30 million men have ED. That number, however, only counts those who have reported symptoms to their doctor. One of the problems with ED is that it is widely underreported. ...

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