What is the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Machine?

DRX9000 True Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System (DRX9000) is the full name of the device manufactured by Axiom Worldwide for the non-invasive treatment of a variety of spinal problems, like low back pain, sciatica, and other disc related disorders, such as herniated disc, protruding inter-vertebral discs, degenerative disc disease, and posterior facet syndrome. Essentially, DRX9000 treats the spinal injuries, which are compressive and degenerative in nature, by applying spinal decompression therapy.

Before spinal decompression therapy came about, when a person was suffering from debilitation back pain they were treated with medication, light physical activity and if the pain worsened then they were admitted to undergo spinal surgery. With this new procedure all you have to do is lay for a few minutes, and let a machine do the work for you. It sounds easy but it takes a long time to see results, a lot of commitment and a lot of money. Then again, so does spinal surgery, but spinal surgery is way worse.

How Does the Spinal Decompression Therapy Work?

The underlying philosophy of DRX9000 is to gently reduce the pressure within the spinal discs so that the patient gets relief from pain in the back and neck. The machine features a specially designed table on which the patient lies down wearing a harness. The table has built-in rollers that are connected with a computer system, using which they exert desired pressure on the spinal area with an aim to decompress the spinal column. Once sufficient decompression is formed, a vacuum, called “negative intra-discal pressure”, is formed, which relieves disc hernia.

The pressure on the accompanying nerves is reduced, which provides relief to the patient from pain and discomfort. While the vacuum is still there, it forces the herniated material to revert back to the disc along with the spinal fluids in order to accelerate natural healing of the adverse spinal condition.

The intelligent technology used in the manufacture of the DRX9000 spinal decompression machine enables it to auto-adjust the traction levels required by the body by analyzing the reaction of the patient’s body. This is achieved by tricking the patient’s body into relaxing itself while the traction is applied. The trick is played by a continuous session of pulling and relaxation of the patient’s body, so that the mind gets used to it and thinks that it is a normal process. By making the mind accept the additional tension applied by the machine, the treatment becomes more potent as the body is not resisting the pulls applied by the machine.

DRX9000 Cost

Undoubtedly, decompression is a scientific treatment for multiple spinal problems requiring specially designed complex machine in the form of DRX9000. Therefore, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on your sessions with the chiropractor. The cost of the treatment of spine through DRX9000, however, should not deter you as the results achieved by this cutting-edge machine are much better than its competitors, like DRS system, Accu-spina system, DRX-3000, SpineMed decompression table, Lordex traction unit, Trition DTS, Z-Grav and Vax-D.

If you want numbers, on average, spinal decompression therapy costs around two to six thousand dollars. The process requires about fifteen to twenty-four treatment visits, lasting only about 5 minutes, usually going two or three times a week if you are able to. Many insurance policies should cover most of the cost but if yours does not then there are things you can purchase online that work as a similar do-it-yourself home treatment. I would recommend getting professionally treated if possible, though.Many insurance policies should cover most of the cost but if yours does not then there are things you can purchase online that work as a similar do-it-yourself home treatment. I would recommend getting professionally treated if possible, though.

Is the DRX9000 a Scam?

Often, we use the word ‘scam’ as a matter-of-fact without actually understanding its implications. The trend is more acute in the online world, where if one user/patient is dissatisfied by the product/treatment, he will simply write a review terming it a scam.

However, without any evidence of its large scale non-effects or serious side-effects, DRX9000 can’t be considered a scam. Admittedly, decompression is one of the latest techniques to emerge for the treatment of spinal disorders. The technique is still being perfected, but DRX9000 is the closest we’ve got thus far to perfection.

It is far better than the surgical options that some consider as a huge failure. Not just permanent disabilities, the side effects of surgical options also include few fatalities. Spinal decompression does not present any potential risk to the life or health of the patient. The worst thing that can happen to you after undergoing decompression therapy is that you won’t get any benefit from it (a highly unlikely scenario), which is far better than a risk to your life in a spinal surgical procedure.

Whether DRX9000 is a scam or not depends on the chiropractor you’ve chosen for treatment. If you are promised 100% cure from your back pain, probably, he/she is lying. A spinal decompression machine, or spinal decompression therapy in general, cannot cure the underlying back problem. However, it can surely provide relief from the symptoms, like severe pain and discomfort from the spinal disorder.

Always entrust your back pain treatment to an ethical professional who can educate you about the procedure, pros and cons of spinal decompression therapy using the DRX9000 machine. Once you can ensure that he/she is not overstating or understating the facts, DRX9000 won’t seem a scam any more.

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