Should I talk about using Ritalin with my doctor?

With the advent of internet purchasing, we have also witnessed the advent of online pharmacies that are becoming bigger and bigger players with every month that passes. The reasons for this are many. First of all, the prices are lower when you are getting your medications online as these pharmacies employ less staff than traditional pharmacies and can therefore offer better deals on their medications. Also, it is much more convenient to
order your medications from your home without having to go to the actual pharmacy. Finally, there are many people who appreciate the anonymity that online pharmacies offer, especially on medications such as erectile dysfunction pills and sexually transmitted diseases medications.

However, there is one practice that is not entirely great. Namely, we are talking about online pharmacies with lax approach to selling prescription drugs, only asking of patients to fill out queries. These queries are never a proper replacement for consultations with the doctor and we would like to advise you here to always talk to your doctor before you order prescription drugs. This includes Ritalin which is also a prescription drug.
The first and probably the most important reason why you need to do this is the fact that your doctor will know about your medical history. If you do not have your own doctor, you will need to inform your new doctor about all the medical conditions that have ailed you in the past, also talking extensively about your bill of health at the present. The reason why this is important is because there are conditions that are considered a risk when taking Ritalin and you might be in danger when using Ritalin while suffering from these conditions.

First of all, there are the conditions that prove to be too much of a risk and that are considered to be contraindications for Ritalin, meaning that you should not take the medication if you are suffering from any of them. These conditions include: allergy to Ritalin, severe hypertension, overactive thyroid, severe agitation, tension or anxiety, chest pains, recent heart attacks, heart rhythm disorder, heart failure, glaucoma, history of muscle twitches or Tourette’s syndrome, certain hereditary conditions, like for example sucrate-isomaltase insufficiency, glucose-galactose malabsorption, fructose intolerance.
There are also some other conditions that will warrant special care when prescribing and taking Ritalin. These conditions include seizure disorders like epilepsy, congenital heart defect, history of alcohol or drug addiction, history of depression, suicide attempts, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorder of any kind, mental illness. While there will not necessarily prevent you from taking Ritalin, your doctor needs to be aware you suffer from the, as they might need run some medical tests and adjust your dosage so as it does not exacerbate these conditions.

Finally, you will need to tell your doctor in case you have been taking MAO inhibitors in the last two weeks. The reason for this is that an interaction between MAOIs and Ritalin may be life threatening and it takes MAOIs 14 days to completely clear out of the system.
In addition to all this, your doctor will also be able to give you all the information you may need in order to achieve a beneficial and safe Ritalin treatment. They will let you know about any interactions you need to look out for, any side effects that might be caused by Ritalin, precautions you need to take when using the drug as well as about the proper way of taking the medication. In short, you should talk to your doctor before you start taking Ritalin. It is of utmost importance.

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